Sunday, March 18, 2018

Special Olympics Missouri State Indoor Games 3-16-18 to 3-17-18

This past weekend my brother Jesse, my uncle Darion, and I went to St. Joseph for the indoor games. This is the first time that the indoor games has been in St. Joseph. Last couple of years it's been at Ft. Leonarwood. Jesse competed in Bowling and in Basketball, he got 5th place in bowling, and in basketball he got 2nd (Silver). Darion competed in basketball and he got 1st (Gold). I competed in basketball and I got 3rd (Bronze).

My dad, Darion, Jesse and I woke up (really) early on Friday morning to go to St. Joseph, Jesse bowled at 8am. St. Joseph is 1 hr where I live. So it didn't take too long. We stopped at McDonald's for breakfast, then we were on our way to the bowling alley. After everyone bowled, we all went to lunch to a restaurant I've never been. The service was ok, but the food was good. Dad and I went to the opening ceremony. It was fantastic, also had a magician, SOMO cheerleaders. It was so great.

On Saturday, my team and I woke up early, because we played basketball. I was really tired, no kidding, but I got up and got ready, I got up before my alarm went off lol. After the basketball tournament, my team got 3rd place, Darion's team got 1st and my brother's team got 2nd. My dad, Darion, and my brother went home that early afternoon, I stayed, and went to the dance. It was really fun. I saw some my friends, and that is always good, it's really good when you see someone you haven't seen in a couple of years. Took some funny pics.

That night, my brother (other) picked me up (he came from the airport) and we went home, didn't get home until 12am o so. But I had a fun time at the dance and a fun weekend!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

What has Special Olympics has done for me and my brother

This blog is dedicated to a organization, Special Olympics Missouri to to all of the people who runs it! I’m a Special Olympics Missouri athlete. My whole family is involved with Special Olympics. I have two brothers who are also athletes. The younger brother is involved in Special Olympics in his high school. I recruited my uncle to be in Special Olympics. My other brother, my uncle and I are involved in Lee’s Summit Adults team.
My dad is a 3-on-3 basketball coach and my mom is a big supporter! We’ve been with Lee’s Summit for six years. Before we got involved in Special Olympics, we were “couch potatoes,” that is what my mom called us, those were her own words. She was exactly right! All we did was watch TV, play video games, eat and just sit and be lazy. Now we have weekly practices, we go to tournaments and we travel to different cities in Missouri. We both are going to the 2018 USA Games in July. I never imagined I would get the chance to go in my lifetime.

Special Olympics has changed our lives for the better! We both are more social, more active and we are both aware of other people with disabilities. Jesse and I were always aware, but since we got involved in Special Olympics, we are more aware of people who have disabilities. We always look forward to practices, and seeing our friends; anything that involves Special Olympics, we love it.
Special Olympics has given us a happier and healthier life. We both are very thankful to Special Olympics. They have given us hope, laughter, friends, independence and a place where we can call home. We are very proud to be athletes of Special Olympics Missouri.
If we didn’t get involved in Special Olympics I think we would be very unhealthy. Special Olympics is really good for my health because I have asthma and allergies. It’s also good for our depression; it helps us to be less depressed. So this is really good for me and my brother. I’m so grateful and honored to be in this great organization.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Special Olympics Challenge before the USA games!!

(Sorry this post is late, my bad) I actually got my movband on March 2, 2018

Today in the mail I got the movband tracker I been waiting for! It's just like my apple watch, but I probably just going to wear my movband until after the USA game ends, and I'll wear my apple watch again. Special Olympics announced a challenge to all of the athletes, unified partners, coaches that are competing in the USA games, the challenge is to complete a total of 1 million steps before the USA games. This challenge will last until February to June 2018. The movband will keep track my steps, tell the time and date, the distance, the calories you have burned for the currant day, active minutes, Goal, sleep.

I'm excited to use this new tool for my healthy living and helping me getting ready for the USA games. My brother got his movband too, a few days ago. I was wondering why I didn't get mine movband as well, when he received it, but I found out, mine got lost in the mail. The important thing is that I got it :)

So, I'm excited to use the tool. Let's GO TEAM MO!!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Special Olympics ALPs session 3-3-18 to 3-4-18

What a educational/ fun weekend I had at Special Olympics Missouri ALPs session at Universiy of Missouri college in Columbia! My mentor (my dad) and I arrive on Saturday at noon. Had lunch, saw some other athletes I knew. Went to my first class, the class I took was Lifetime Health & Fitness & Nutrition & You, I also took Capstone. I took Lifetime Health & Fitness class on Saturday, the instructor was very funny and had a lot of information to share. On Sunday I took capstone, in capstone I needed to find out a project to do with all of the information I've learned in the classes I have took at ALPs University took. After dinner I went to an activity with some of University of Missouri

students, and that was really fun. They taught us a new game, which is like volleyball and 4 square. On Sunday I woke up at 3am, I really don't know why, but I went straight back to bed. Had breakfast, it was really good. yogurt with some fruit and honey, that was really delicious. In capstone class, I knew some of the athletes in that class, so that was comforting. For my project I decided to do build a committee and try to get healthier meals at tournaments and at state competitions. After our last class on Sunday, we went to a room that all athlete leaders went too and the mentors went to another room, in the room we had input council. In the athlete leader room, they had a lot of input to share, which was great. At the closing time, they recognized the 5 athlete leaders who is going to graduate. They each gave us a black balloon. An athlete leader gave a speech for part of her practicum so that was exciting, we all went outside so the graduates can release their black balloons. After that we all ate ice cream ( University of Missouri graduates does that) (it's tradition for University of Missouri) that was very exciting!! On the home I work on some of my practicum. (That's no surprise, I always work on things right away once I get assignment) lol Thank you for University of Missouri students and the University of Missouri for letting us to use some of their facility this past weekend! There are some pics below!! Thanks for reading!!

Lynna M. Hodgson
Special Olympics Missouri Athlete Leader