Saturday, October 3, 2020

Special Olmypics MIssouri State Outdoor Games 10-3-20

 This morning I woke up at 6:30am. Got ready and gave everyone’s there meds. We left the house around 7am. We are on our way to Jefferson City to compete in SOMO state outdoor games for Bocce. Jesse and I both compete at 10am. We are only competing in singles. This state games they will be only three sports to compete in: bocce, golf, and tennis. The drive is about 1hr 43 minutes away. 

We arrived in Jefferson City at 9:21am. When we arrived at TLC, we went inside the building and found our coach. We both played at 10am. Before the tournament started, they had open ceremony. I won both games, so I got GOLD and Jesse also won both of his games and he also received a GOLD. Aron got silver. And Chris received a 4th place. (He played little later then we did) Everyone did an awesome job! After we competed and got our medals and we went through the Souvenir store, and got some things. Then we went to healthy athletes, my little niece went through healthy teeth, and I got some pictures with some of the SOMO staff. Jesse and I did a little video for SOMO, then we are on our way home. It was nice a little trip and have competed. This is the first state games we have had in person. Thank you to mom for taking us! 

Overall: The day started off cloudy and chilly, but it ended with the sun shinning and came home with GOLD medals. And got to see some familiar faces I haven't seen since like forever, and saw the TLC after the tornado hit it. It felt good to walk into the TLC. We also bought some souvenirs. Another plus is my little niece came to watch us too! I would like to say a BIG thank you to all of the volunteers that came out and spent your Saturday with us, to the Special Olympics Missouri Staff, and our family & friends who supports us, we are SO grateful! It was also nice to have a competition and seeing some old friends in person!