Saturday, February 1, 2020

Kansas City District Basketball Tournament 2-1-20

So my alarm went off at 5am, but I didn’t get up until 5:11am. Oops lol when I got up i got a text message from my aunt and she said she will come at 5:40am. I’m glad I made the smoothies last night, nice move Lynna! Now we are on our way, it’s about 1 hr away and something minutes. 

Wow what a day yesterday was! It was a long day but a good day! First Jesse was up, I watched a little bit of his game, then I went to my game. I lost my first game but won the second game, (we played the same team twice) apparently one team forfeit. So I guess it was a 3 team racket. Every tournament we have, the first game is always a warm up game. The second game we did much better! Also coach Aaron, coached our second game! He did an awesome job! I made a few hoops, stole some balls, everyone did their best and did a great job! Our second game got postponed. We were supposed to play at 12pm, but we played at 2pm. So I watched the other games. After the second game, we got our SILVER medal!! We are going to state!! Woohoo! I asked my coach if we have a week break, her response was “nope, basketball don’t have breaks, it’s a condition sport!” I knew what her answer would be! After we gather our stuff we went to see Darion’s game. The other Lee’s Summit 5 vs 5 team. We watched both of their games, and they got GOLD! Saw some friends and coaches and SOMO staff I knew, so that was nice! My brother received a 4th place. It was a very long day, but I’m glad it didn’t get canceled like the first tournament did lol! We left the house at 6am and got home at 8pm. I slept in on Saturday morning, I told Jesse to go back to sleep! He was like a zombie. Please enjoy the pics! A BIG thank you to our fans, family, SOMO staff,  and our coaches! Thank you to my aunt for taking us too!