Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Highlights of 2019, New Year 2020!

Okay, so WOW! I absolutely cannot believe another year has gone by and a new year is going to begin! Is that even possible?! This year has flew by so fast, but it was a great one! Christmas was really good too! Saw my other brother and his family for 5 days! It wasn’t a long enough trip, but it will do! My niece has a special part in the Christmas Eve program at church, she did very well! After the church Christmas Eve service, we visited with some church friends and then went home. Ate dinner, relaxed and went to bed. On Christmas morning, we all woke up and opened our gifts and our stockings. It was fun to watch everyone open their gifts, especially when I saw my niece and nephew, their expressions on their faces are priceless. Had an awesome breakfast, biscuit and gravy, hasbrows, and scrambled eggs. Relaxed most of the day.

So here are my highlights for the year of 2019: (the pictures are above and are in order)

*I did my first polar plunge on January 26, 2019. I raised $610.00
*I attended my first Special Olympics Capital Hill day on February 11, 2019
* Held my first step challenge on March 1, 2019 between Special Olympics Health Messengers ( I held 3 challenges between health messengers) I held 3 challenges between Special Olympics Missouri Athletes, coaches, and Staff, and held 3 challenges for non Special Olympics Missouri Participants and Special Olympics Oklahoma
* Graduated from ALPs (athlete leadership programs) through Special Olympics, I earned my communication degree (I’m working on my technology degree at the moment) 
* My family was named the outstanding family in Kansas City area for Special Olympics Missouri

My Hopes for 2020:

* Finish my technology capstone project
* Do more challenges (step etc)
* Spend more time with family and friends
* Spend less time on social networks 
* Focus on myself 
* Stop saying Sorry all of the time (it’s on going process)
* Get a chance to try out on Team Missouri for Special Olympics National Games
* Do more live videos on Facebook regarding wellness Wednesday tips

I would like to say the year 2019, was a great one! I can’t wait what 2020 has to offer me! Thank you to all of my readers, family, Special Olympics Missouri Organization, friends and everyone in my life!