Saturday, August 31, 2019

Royals Clinic 9-3-19

Woke up at 8:10am. Alarm went off at 8am, but decided to sleep for 10 more minutes. Made breakfast for my brother, my dad, my mom and I. Did some house chores. We picked up Darion and are on our way to the Royals stadium.  

We got to the stadium at 11:40am.  The clinic ended at 1:20pm.

When we got inside of the stadium, we waited for everyone to show up. Once everyone showed up, we listened to the rules and what we were going to do. Once we got down to the field, we took a group picture. Then we split up in two teams, special olympics Kansas and special olympics Missouri. Special olympics Missouri got to bag first, every athlete got a chance to bat. Fox 4 and channel 41 the television station. Darion had two interviews! So that was exciting for him, I’m so happy for him!  This was the first royals clinic for him, and he loved it! After the scrimmage, we all went to where we met up at first, and got our tickets and our boxed lunches. Enjoy the pictures! 

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Softball Regional West Tournament 8-24-19

My alarm went off at 6am. I’ve been working on being really quite in the mornings so I don’t wake anyone up. I did my morning routine. The dogs didn’t move an inch when I got up. 

WOW what a day! It was a long one but it was a exciting day! Our first game was at 8am, we won that one, and the second was at 12pm. But we had to report back at 11am. Between my games, I went around the softball field with another athlete leader and tried to recruit more athletes and mentors, and talked to family members, I think we did prettt good!! I think we got some people who was interested, so that was a plus!! Some people even took some extra information to share with their teammates and their families. My second game was at 12pm. We won that game. So...drum roll please....we got GOLD! Oh yeah, I made my first home run!! I was very happy about that! Everyone did an awesome job! We all showed great sportsmanship! We all had a great attitude, there were some moments that we didn’t do so well, but we learned what we need to do! So overall it was a great day! 

*what I enjoyed*
-made my first home run
-saw Some old friends and meet new people
-talked to people about ALPs
-Jesse got 5 RBI’s

(Enjoy the pictures)

Monday, August 5, 2019

Kansas City Bocce Tournament 9-7-19

Today is the Knsas City metro, St. Louis and Cental area bocce tournament! I wish all of my friends who is competing today! Remember our oath! This year in Kansas City area tournament is located at Epic Lodge in Independence. I’m starting to really like bocce, this is my second year of playing it. All of Lee’s Summit athletes compete at 1pm. I’m excited to see some of my friends that I don’t see very often. 

Wow what a day we had yesterday! We had to get to the venue by 12:15pm. Once we got there, we changed into our new bocce shirts ( they are really nice) then said hello to everyone. We went inside for the parade of athletes. Everyone from Lee’s Summit played at 1pm. We did unified doubles. I did pretty good. My unified partner and I played another Lee’s Summit team and another team who went to nationals, they were from Park Hill. They were really good! The athlete was really good! Over all we got 2nd place. It was a good competition. Jesse and his unified partner (my dad) got got GOLD. After we all competed (Lee’s Summit team) we went outside to eat lunch. We went back inside because the girl athletes played next. I did very well. And guess what, I competed against the same person (who went to nationals) I played smart, overall I got 2nd place. Jesse played his singles competition much later then I did. After he competed he got SILVER! We watched everyone else who competed. Saw some friends, so that was awesome! Saw an volunteer that I’ve seen before, so that was really awesome! We all competed really good! Next stop is state! Enjoy the pictures!