Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Kansas City area Bocce Tournament 9-12-20

Today is an exciting day because we are actually to have a tournament!! It seems like forever since we’ve had a tournament since COVID hit us. I wonder how it’s going to play out because we have to be 6 feet apart from each other. The one thing I do miss is giving all of my friends hugs or a pat on the back. Hopefully the facility won’t be too hot inside,  the tournament will be inside at Epic Sports Lodge in independence. I am excited to see familiar faces today. And seeing all of my friends across the Kansas City area! First up is unified doubles divisions are scheduled at 1pm. This year my unified partner is my amazing mom! Then the singles played at 2pm. 

We arrived at 12:30pm. We went to our team tent, and got our game shirts and found out when mom and I will play. First up was unified doubles. It was a fun one! We played against another Lee’s summit team. They won that game. So we played another game and I received a second place, and then the single games was next, and I also played against 2 other Lee’s summit athletes, and I got 3rd place. I had a fun time playing, it was nice competing! Jesse and my dad got 2nd place for unified doubles. And in singles he got GOLD! Next stop is state! 

My dad bought these shirts for Jesse and I. (The red ones) 

Play 60 (workout with Will Shields) 9-8-20

This morning Jesse and I got an opportunity with another athlete in Special Olympics Missouri and some athletes from Special Olympics Kansas to have a workout with Will Shields! Who is Will Shields?! Well he is a former Kansas City Chiefs athlete from 1993-2006. He was named the Chiefs hall of fame in 2012. His jersey number is 68. His position he played was guard. He played for the Kansas City Chiefs for 14 seasons he never missed a game. 

It took us about 42 minutes to get there. Once we got there, Kami (SOMO staff) met us at the entrance and gave us a KC Chiefs mask to wear. She told us what is going to happen. So we were excited! We met up with Arthur (the other SOMO athlete) and meet some SOKS athlete. Once everything was set up and explained what is going to happen, we started the workout. We had a Warm up session, workout and cool down. Two KC Chiefs cheerleaders were there and as well the mascot of KC Chiefs! Another athlete from SOKS and mine self with Will Shields had Q & A over zoom. And I also had an interview with KCTV 5. Before we left, we took some pictures and we said thank you so much for having us. Overall, it was a great morning! Jesse and I both enjoyed it! Enjoy the pics and (also the link to the KCTV 5)