Monday, August 27, 2018

West regional softball tournament 8-25-18

This past weekend, my brother and I  had a softball tournament, this tournament is a qualification for the outdoor games, which mean your team have to get 1st or 2nd place. Our team (lone jack thunder chickens) got 1st place!! It was a long day but it was SO fun!! I also saw some of my friends, so that’s always a plus! I also liked that we played the same level teams! Our scores of the games was 15-7 and 9-8. It was very excited for my team, because this was the first time we got a gold medal at a softball tournament (not including state competition) we all played very well! Our second game was delayed, so we didn’t play like an hr later we suppose to play. Some of us socialize, watched games and just relaxed while we were waiting. Some highlights were, one of my teammates caught the ball in the air (that was very exciting), we all made some great plays, at the end of the game (the team got splashed with cold water, seeing an old friend and hitting the ball off double (in not sure I used the correct term) and after the tournament and we got home, I even had some energy to do some of my workout! Next stop is the outdoor games next month, woohoo!!  Please enjoy the pics!!