Thursday, May 21, 2020

Virtual Summer Games May 4th-May 15th 2020-training

Special Olympics Missouri had their very first virtual state games in June! In fact, it was the summer games that was supposed to be in Springfield for Athletics, volleyball, powerlifting, aquatics, and soccer: But this year summer state games is quite different than our usually ones. Special Olympics Missouri had to adapt to the new normal, so the organization hosted their very first virtual state games (summer) originally the sports are offered at summer games are: soccer, volleyball, athletics, powerlifting, and aquatics. But this summer games, the sports was offered was: speed dribbling (basketball), wall sit, plank, modified plank, swim kicks, juggling (soccer), running long
Jump, standing long jump, volleyball set/bumps, run/wall/roll 75 feet, run/walk/run 150 feet (roll means wheelchair), and  running long jump. I decided to compete in wall sit, dribbling, plank, soccer juggling and 150 feet run. Jesse decided  to compete in 150 feet run, 75 feet run, wall sit, modified run, speed dribbling and standing long jump. Jesse and I prepared athletes by showing them tips how to do a specific sport. So that was fun! Athletes can show their videos by downloading them on or from flipgrid app. And  once they get all the videos collected and edited, SOMO will recap all the videos they have, I can’t wait to see that! For my first experience for the virtual state games was very awesome!! It was a little different but it’s good to try new things and this is the best time to try new things! I know it isn’t what we all are used too, but we all need to make room for change! I know it’s hard not seeing our friends and competing and do what we usually do, but I have faith we will get back together and be the best organization I know we can be! 

I ran 150 yards in 25 seconds 

Ran 150 yards  in 26.57 seconds 

Ran 75 yards in 14 seconds 

The Results