Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Special Olympics Missouri Sports Camp (Virtual) June 22, 2020 to June 26,2020

This year Sports Camp went Virtual! Camp started on June 22, 2020, it ends on June 26, 2020. Every night there is activity, on Monday, it was Trivia Night, Tuesday Scavenger Hunt, Wednesday Bingo and Thursday is the Dance.The Schedule for Monday & Wednesday was 9am Welcome with Susan, 9;15am stretch with Lynna, 10am Volleyball, 11 Tenis, 1pm flag football, 2pm cycling 3 pm arts & Crafts, 3:30pm wrap up with Susan. The schedule for june 23rd and June 25th is 9am welcome with Susan, 9:15am stretch with Lynna, 10am Disc Golf, 11am Bocce, 1pm Soccer, 2pm Pickleball, 3pm arts 7 crafts and at 3:30pm wrap up with Shaffer. The Schedule for Friday June 26th was 9am welcome with Susan, 9:15am stretch with Lynna, 10am Endurance & Hydration, 11am Strength, 1pm Flexibility & Balance, 2pm Nutrition, 3pm Cooking with Lynn and at 3:30pm wrap up with Shaffer.

My Thoughts:

I was really happy for Sports Camp to start. I was really excited when I saw the field of Training for life campus, that was a TREAT! It felt like we were going to camp, except for traveling, actually doing the activities with other people, being in groups. I know it wasn't the same, but it's better than not having camp. I think the SOMO did an awesome job with the whole thing. And if you saw, I lead the morning stretches every morning. SO that was exciting! I loved the evening activities. They also have shirts for sale for sports camp, they are pretty cool! 

If you would like to watch all of the activities and see the pictures we did, please visit his page: