Saturday, March 25, 2017

Special Olympics Missouri Leadership Conference 2017

So, on Friday I traveled with my dad to go to Bennett Springs Missouri to go fishing. After that we went to Osage Beach Missouri to attend a conference for Special Olympics. I was named the KC Metro Outstanding athlete. I was very shocked when Special Olympics told me the news. I was very excited, I wanted to tell everyone I know! I told my family and they were very proud of me. Even some of my coaches on my team (Lee's Summit) even congratulate me. The conference was post to be in February but there was a snow storm that stopped the conference. Well what a FUN weekend!! Got up early, but it was worth it! I was a little late for my introduction, but I nailed it!! I was so proud of myself! I saw a lot of people I know, that was excited! Saw some of my friends, meet some new people! Another TLC (training for Life campus) athlete got the outstanding athlete award of the year 2016 was Robb Eichelberger! I'm very happy for him! He really deserve it! I still can't believe I was named the KC metro outstanding athlete, I can't shake it off! I'm very honored I got that title! I loved to hear about all of the nominees and the winners! It was very excited!! I'm very glad I was part of it! Special Olympics Missouri has helped me out so many ways, thank you for all you do and continue to do for the individuals who has illetucual disabilities and more! I care deeply about this organization! Here's some pic and fun I had this past weekend! I really enjoyed Friday evening having dinner with some SOMO athletes and the nominees!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Special Olympics Missouri indoor games 2017

This past weekend I went to Ft Lenardwood, MO. We left on Thursday afternoon and didn't get there until that evening.I was the DJ for the Van I was riding in. For dinner we ate at Colton's.  They did very well of serving us for having a big party (group of people) Eceryone were tired we got to the base. Had to wake up early on Friday for bowling. Breakfast was really good. I was very excited, my brother was too! I got fourth place and my brother got 2nd place. Around lunch time we had lunch, the lunch was really good. After everyone was done, we got all of our stuff together and went to the Victory Village (Games) the new thing that was there was dodge ball, now that was fun! Haven't played that since was in high school. I didn't do very well, but it was fun. After awhile, we went back to the base and got ready for dinner and the open ceremony. I was in the open ceremony with another athlete in our (LS) group. My dad and my brother left after lunch. Before the open ceremony ended, the army music band played some music for us, that was fun, a lot of people danced. After that we went back to the base and got ready for basketball. YAY basketball. Had to wake up early again for basketball, but it was worth it! The LS Legends (My team) got to watch all the LS teams to play, I love that part, to support our other teams. They did very well! After our two games, we took home a SILVER (2nd place), the LS Warriors took a GOLD and the LS Shooters did too. After all of that excitement we went back to the base to freshen up and just have some down time before dinner. After everyone freshen up some of us went on a walk, which was very relaxing and fun! We all joked around and enjoy everyone's company. That was my 2nd favorite part of the trip. After we ate dinner we went to the dance/bingo. That was very fun, a lot of people were there, which is good! Everyone had fun!! The DJ played some great songs. I saw some other friends, which I enjoy. I was tired at the end of the dance. And my coach wanted me to take a pic with a solider, so that was a little excited. On Sunday morning we slept in a little bit, got up and ate breakfast and on our way home. On the way home mostly everyone slept. Once we got to LS, I said my goodbyes, was happy to be able to sleep in my own bed but also sadden because I had so much fun, didn't want to leave, but track and field has started, so I'm excited for that. The best part of the trip was for the whole LS teams to watch the LS Shooters compete. and of course spending time with friends and just have fun. The worst part is this is the last time to go to Ft. Lenoardwood for state. I wonder where the next indoor games will be. I got a whole year to look forward to that. Below is some pic from this past weekend! I really got to say thank you to my loving and supportive parents to take me to all of the practices and the tournaments. And my coachs, they are very awesome!! Coun't ask for better coaches! Also if you wanted to see more pic of this past weekend, please visit my facebook :)
On our way to Ft. Leonardwood

Dinner at Colton's

This was a lot of people

Relaxing with friends at Victory Village

My uncle being silly on St. Patrick's Day lol

Got 4th place in Bowling

Waiting for my turn to bowl

Me being silly on St. Patrick's Day

My friend and I at the end of the Open Ceremony

My friend and another TLC Member

The whole Lee's Summit Team, Shooters, Legends & Warriors

Lee's Summit Warriors took GOLD home

My handsome new friend, just playing

My friend Mark that I met from Sports Camp last year

On my way home, showing my silver medal from basketball

Saying goodbye with my uncle

Group pic of Lees's Summit at the end of our walk

Everyone looked tired after our walk lol

Saw a friend at the dance and another TLC member

Having fun with friends at the Victory Village

Sorry this pic was blurry (My team LS Legends)