Sunday, April 9, 2017

MU Day 2017 4-8-17

Yesterday I went to Columbia Missouri to participate in National Student Day at Mizzou. In other words MU Day! I went last year, it was my first year, I really enjoyed it!! So when we got to Columbia, I got us lost, I took all the blame. I was thinking it was located at the same place, but I didn't read the flyer correctly
Shaquana & I at an MU softball game
My buddy for MU day two years in a row Kennedi

e two softball team's listening the USA anthem before the game starts

. We were a little late but that was ok. :) I had the same buddy as I had last year. When we first arrive, we signed in, and met our buddies. Then we played dodge ball. That was fun! My friend that I met at Special Olympics Sports camp, Mary was there. I was excited to see her again. After dodge ball, we had lunch. Lunch was good, had Mac & Cheese, a cookie, barbeque sandwich. Visit with some people, took some funny pics, and went to a MU softball game. That was fun. Jesse had fun too! Enjoyed spend the day with Shaquana as well! On our way home we stopped by a gas station and McDonald's. We all had shakes. Then all three of us were tired (Jesse, Shaquana & I. We got home around and or before 5:00pm. We picked up pizza, but neither of us was hungry at all. We got cleaned up and just relaxed. Shaquana and I watched two movies, sad ones, but good. Watched a little bit of "Titanic" and almost finished "The Notebook" we were too tired to finish it. On Sunday, everyone got up and went to Church then Chinese buffet. Then Shaquana's sister picked her up. I had a FANTASTIC trip!! I sure hope Shaquana enjoyed her self as well. Shaquana and I always planned of a sleepover and we finally got it...a year later lol.
Jesse and he's buddies