Saturday, November 2, 2019

Kansas City Metro Bowling Tournament 11-2-19

So this morning I woke up at 6:30am. I don’t bowl until this afternoon, but I wanted to see my uncle bowl and give him support! I made my breakfast smoothie last night. I’m very excited for today! It will be a long day but a good one! And it isn’t that far either. It’s at Lunar Bowl in Blue Springs. 

There is 300 bowlers here. Darion got 4th place. He competes against some tough competitors. He gave his best, and that’s all we can do! Jesse and I bowl at 1pm. 
 My first game was 89, my second game was 117 and 97. I got GOLD! Jesse first games was 88, second game 86 and his third game was 77. He got GOLD! 

Well it was a LONG day, I wanted to support Darion, that’s why I went to watch him. Darion, Grandaddy and I came home after Darion was done with the tournament. Then Jesse and I got ready for our turn to bowl. We tried something new this year, we bowl 3 games instead 2 games. It was a good change! I liked it! I think Jesse likes it too! I saw a lot of new people and saw some I knew already. Which is nice! I bowled against another athlete, it seems like we always compete against each other at area tournaments. So it was a good little reunion. There was a lot of volunteers, and it was very nice to have them! I thank the volunteers who was in my lane. I said thank you for coming out! I  believe that the athletes should say thank you for giving up their time to come out and help us out! A sport season ends and another starts. Basketball is next! 

It was also nice to see a camp counselor from sports camp this past summer! It was good to catch up with her!