Sunday, March 31, 2019

Special Olympics Missouri State Indoor Games 2019 3-29-19 to 3-30-19

What a FUN weekend a endorsed!  

(Friday 3-29-19)
Mid-day, my family and I drove to St. Joseph for Special Olympics Missouri Indoor Games! Jesse, Darion and I are competing in basketball. It snowed slightly when we were driving. I listened to music, and Jesse was watching movies on his tablet. And mom and dad was talking. It didn't seem to take long to get there.  My brother and his family (who lives in Iowa) met us

at the hotel. We all stayed at Hampton INN. I think that's dad's favorite hotel. lol. After dinner we went to the civic center for the opening ceremonies. They had dancers, and they were good. I got everything ready for the next day and settled down for the night and went to bed. Some of my family went to the hot tub.  I'm glad they enjoyed themselves.

(Saturday 3-30-19)
Mom and I got up early so I could have time to eat breakfast before my first game. My brother and my nephew and niece ate breakfast with us. They wore the shirts my parents made for the National Games in July. So, I thought that was very touching! When I got to the gym, I recognized the building and saw my team. There were games going on, so I watched them. I always enjoy watching other teams, so I can learn some basketball moves! lol. Before I knew it, it was time to stretch and get ready for my first game. The first game was a hard one! I think no one was fully awake, so we didn't play our best. The other team was way more skilled then us, but we tried our best and that's what counts! I enjoyed hearing my family cheering me on! After my first game, my family went to see Jesse's game. My second game started early then I supposed too, so that was good. WE played much better in that one! We all made baskets, I made some steals, and a 3 pointer! I didn't make the second shoot but I was really happy that I made the first one!! The team who we played against had some players who has some difficulties, so we let them to make some baskets, it made me REALLY happy when they made baskets, it makes my heart so happy when I see that happen! We beat them, and we got THIRD place (Bronze) It was a fun day! After we got done with the medals and the main coach said a few words, I rode the van with my coach, to go to see my brother play, but we were a little late. But I still got pictures of my brother getting his medals. when a SOMO staff came to the same gym, and I knew it was time for me to go to work lol. I signed up to take pictures or help SOMO to take pictures with an fancy camera (and I really enjoyed it) It was so much fun taking pictures and using the zoom on the camera! After my shift, my family and I went to the Civic center and went through the SOMO store, healthy athletes. I wanted my uncle (Darion) to go through. So, we all went though. Jesse and I did an interview with the local TV station. So, that was cool. For dinner, they served us BBQ sandwich, chips, mash potatoes, green beans and a choice of cookie or a piece of cake. Another athlete leader and myself got some athletes to go to thee athlete input council. What is athlete input council, good question! It's where athletes can share what they liked and what they didn't like about that weekend (State competition) I've heard this year is the first year that we had that many athletes attend that council, so I was glad to hear that! The favorite part of state competition, is the DANCE! It was awesome, I got to see some of my friends and got to catch up with them! I danced with my teammates, and I really enjoyed seeing them smile! 

What did I like about this weekend? 
I liked that I believed in myself so I could make a 3 pointer basket, made some steals in basketball and seeing my friends. I recruited another athlete to go to ALPs (Athlete Leadership Programs) so I was happy about that and she also wants to go to Sports camp...SO that's a plus!!

What I didn't like about this weekend?
Well this isn't what I didn't like...this is mostly what I missed...I missed the music at the opening ceremonies, I missed seeing the athletes smiles and dancing.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Special Olympics ALPs session 3-9-19 to 3-10-19

3-9-19 My mentor (my dad) and I left our house at 12pm. We are going to ALPs (athlete leadership programs) for Special Olympics Missouri. This time I’m taking Capstone I & Capstone II. We arrived in Columbia Missouri at 1:48pm. Capstone 1 class starts at 2pm. Once we checked in to our class, and when we received what we needed, (Important papers and name tags). We went to our class room with our instructor and sat down, I was surprised I only saw two more athletes, which I both knew them, so that made me felt good.  In this class talked what each person is going to major in, introduced ourselves, did an team exercise. We also talked about what makes a good leader, and what we want our MAIN project to be. That class ended at 6pm. For dinner we had pizza, vegetable tray and various of chips and cookies. For the evening activity, the college athletes of Mizzou and athlete leaders, played kick ball and another game, it was like 4 square and volleyball. It was fun! A class performed (at the evening activity) did like a short play.. They did very well! I’m really exciting for this ALPs session because, another athlete that I recirited to ALPs is here this weekend! When we came back from the evening activity, I unpacked my stuff and did my nightly routine. Then got everything ready for the next day, then went straight to bed! 

I woke up at 6am, I forgot that the time changed! So I just lay in the bed and tried to fall asleep but I couldn't, instead I was thinking what today will bring. I did fall asleep for the rest of time, and got up at 7am. So I got up and did my morning routine. We ate breakfast at the hotel, I had yogurt, scrambled eggs, sausage links,went back to the hotel room and got our belongs and checked out. The class I was taking is Capstone 2. That class is another four hours. We talked about our final project some more. Went into another building and got ready for the mentor and athlete input council Got ready to present our project in front everyone.  I volunteered to share my project first. We went outside for a surprise!  We had MU ice cream, and it  was really good. We also walked through the pillars (It's shown in the last picture)'s time to work on my 2 practicums, I like to get things done!! I wanted to wish all of my fellow athlete leaders and the 2 other athletes was in the capstone class with me, good luck with their practicums!! I know YOU all can do it! 

Before I forget...a HUGE thank you to University of Missouri for allowing us to use your facility, especially the Special Olympics Missouri Staff, instructors, and of course of my mentor!! (DAD)