Sunday, June 23, 2019

Sports Camp for Special Olympics Missouri June 16-27 2019

June 16, 2019 (Sunday)

It's 2:40pm and we are on our way to Mexico Missouri for Special Olympics Missouri Sports Camp! It's 2 hrs and 2 mins away. Some things that I learned from packing:

~ Make sure to get my medications & the medications boxes is accurate date
~ Make sure I got all of the packing right. 

We arrived at MMA (Missorui Military Academy) at 5:18pm. Once we parked and got Jessse's and mine stuff unpacked we went into the MMA building and got in a line to get all of our information (Name tag, where we are sleeping at and which building,what group we are in,  and gave our medicine to the nurse and explain the medicine to the nurse). After that we went to our building where we would be sleeping. Jesse and I are in a different group this time. I was in the Jugglers group and Jesse was in Trapeze Artists group. We saw some of our Lee's Summit teammates and our coach! So, that was exciting! After we knew which group we were in, we split up to get settled in. After all of that, we went back to the gym and got into our groups. it was hard to say goodbye to my little niece and nephew, it wasn't easy when my little niece was crying for me. :( but grandma and grandpa was there to comfort her. For dinner and said goodbye to our families. For dinner we had chicken fajitas, corn, pinto beans, salad with tuna and 1 chocolate chip cookie. It's 9:19pm, and this evening we made team posters, introduced ourselves and went through the rules and what we are going to do at sports camp. Going to bed, wake up early in the morning. My group is called "the Jugglers and Jesse's team was called Trapeze Artists". I have one of my past group leaders, so that was exciting! 

Day One: June 17, 2019 (Monday)

This morning I woke up at 5:40 am. Got up, and got dressed, and get ready for the day. It's 7:34 am, just finished breakfast. I had English muffin, scrambled eggs, hash brows. Before we went to breakfast, we went to get AM medicine as a group, after we did that we walk a few laps.It's 1:27 pm, its R&R time. This morning we played soccer, tennis, golf, cycling, and health education. This morning after breakfast I lead the stretches. For lunch we had sloppy joes. I had no bun, cooked zucchini, (my fav), cauliflower, fries, salad with tuna. It was really good. After R&R time we went to hygiene from head and toe class, we learned a lot of information. After that session we went to fun games, then went to free time, in that session we played hangman while we took turns to guess what was in the box. We had guess without seeing what was in the box. After that session we played disc golf.  Our last activity for the day was pickle ball. It reminded me of tennis, but it was fun! For dinner we had sandwiches, apple, chips and granola bar. Evening activity was learned about the garden. How to make smoothies, compose. It was a fun activity. It's 8:39 pm, bed time!  I took 17,345 steps and stood up for 15 hours.

Day Two: June 18, 2019 (Tuesday)

It’s 6:55 am, we did the same things  that we did as yesterday. Plus fishing, I love fishing! I caught two blue gill’s. We also talked about our bodies, boys and girls was separated into two groups in the gym. After that session we session we went to dinner, I had a salad with tuna, corn dogs, tater tots, corn, and peas. After dinner we got ready for the talent show. It’s 9:11 pm, just got back from the talent show, it was really awesome! There was a lot of singing, acting, and dancing. Everyone did a great job! And the last acting was awesome! Two staff members dressed up as old woman and they did some dancing, it was prettt great! Time for bed. There was an eating contest as well! Everyone liked that one! I took 20,716 steps today and stood for 17 hours. 

Day Three: June 19, 2019 (Wednesday)

WOW! What a day! Today we played tennis, soccer, golf, cycling, kickball (that was my favorite) and disc golf. I had my normal for breakfast. For lunch I had broccoli, potatoes, a salad, and cheeseburger meat loaf. Today we went to a parade, everyone enjoyed that! After dinner we played board and card games because it was raining. I played UNO with a lot of people. That was so much fun! A lot of laughs! I looked around and I saw everyone smiling, and that made me smile! We also had ice cream sandwiches. For our evening snack.  And that was really good! Today I took 18,124 steps and stood for 15 hours. Tomorrow is the last full day. We also learned how to use weight lifting machines. Also played an awesome game with a SOMO (Special Olympics Missouri staff) the game was for two people who has a hat and gloves on and you had to try to get them off without using your hands. So we had to use each other to take each other hats and gloves off. That was really fun!

Day Four June 20, 2019 (Thursday)

It’s 4:11 am, and I don’t know why I’m up at this time of the day. But I’m quite so I don’t wake my room mate up, I tried to go back to bed a lot. But no luck! So I’m here and starring at my ceiling and writing in my journal for sports camp. I SO wished I could go back to sleep, and it doesn’t help when my stomach is making noises as well :( but the funny thing is that I’m not hungry. Okay maybe thst wasn’t funny, my bad. My day was good, I was tired, I wonder why lol. With al of the sessions we did today, we played games. So that was fun!! We also fished today. Caught another blue gill. When we played disc golf, we had a competition, so that was exciting! The evening activity was the dance!! Everyone loved the dance! I enjoyed seeing two individuals who didn’t go to sports camp but they decided to come just for the dance. It was really nice to see them! My favorite part of the dance was seeing smiles everywhere I went! During the day we played a game on the video game, the game was to guess the emoji, Disney style. I took 25,083 steps and stood for 17 hours. We also signed thank you post cards and we did an thank you video to MMA (that was my idea) :) 

Day Five June 21, 2019 (Friday)

This morning I woke up at 6:50 am, I did the rest of my packing (I mostly packed my stuff yesterday) we got to sleep in an hour this morning. We all brought our suitcaeses and our bedding beside our doors then went to the nurse to grab our medications. After we put our medications in our suitcases we all went to breakfast. Today will be a short day, it’s bittersweet, I have mix feelings, but everything has to come an end, the good part, there will be another sports camp. It’s so great to see old friends and make new friends and meet other coaches, athletes, volunteers and staff of Special Olympics Missouri! We had a kick ball tournament and that was SO fun!! 

*Things I’ll always remember*

~ meeting new people
~ making new friends
~ leading the morning stretches 
~ playing new sports 
~ learning new skills and new sports 
~ helping others and helping in my group

* A BIG thank you to MMA for allowing us to use your facility! Also a BIG thank you to Special Olympics Missouri staff, volunteers and coaches for giving up your time for an fantastic time week at Sports Camp!*

I took total of 81,268 steps at Sports Camp! 

My new friend Florica