Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Teaching exercise class for 6 weeks!!

It’s been a couple of months now, I had a idea, I wanted to teach a exercise class. 

First session: Thursday July 16, 2020: 

Class started at 11am, There was 6+ participants that joined my exercise class today! I say, that’s pretty awesome! We had our first guest speaker, and he talked about training! There was some tech difficulties, but I (And SOMO staff)  worked through it well. The next session is scheduled to be on July 23, 2020 at 11am. At the very end of my last session, I will explain how I came up with this idea, and what steps I took to get this done. 

Second session: Thursday July 23, 2020: 

*after session* I felt really good about this session, I was on track, the time wise was on spot too! While I was recording I didn’t have to re login like I did the following week. I feel like this will be a good thing for me and for the participants! Every time I’ll do these sessions, the next one will always get better!  Quote from a participate “ I’m still a little sore from it but I feel really good”

Anna McDaniel 

 Third session:  Thursday July 30, 2020

I had 15 participants this session! I felt really good about it! I was more confident in myself and the timing is getting a lot better! Three sessions are down and 3 more to go! Here is some quotes some of the participants said 

 It was pretty good”

 Fourth session: Thursday August 6, 2020

I had 9 participants this session. It went very well. Today the guest speaker talked about HIIT (High Intensity Internal Training). I found this guest speaker from my past personal trainer I hired in the past. Some things I need to work on is
•have everything plan out 
•make sure to be on mute when the guest speaker is on
•make sure to have a separate device close by, to use the timer

Fifth session: Thursday August 13, 2020

Today was my fifth session. My guest speaker was Susan Stegeman. The president and CEO of Special Olympics Missouri. She talked about how moving our body is so good for us. I had four participants this session. I could tell all of the participants was doing the exercises and that made me feel good! I think everyone is enjoying these classes, and I’m SO happy about that! Next week is the last session! 

Here is a quote from a participant about the guest speaker: “She was talking about like listening to music while doing dishes. I do that a lot at my work”

Sixth session: Thursday August 20, 2020

Today was the last session for the exercise class I’ve been hosting. These six weeks went really fast! I’ve really enjoyed this learning experiences. I hope I can do it again! After I did this session, I felt REALLY good and ACCOMPLISHED, that I went out of my comfort zone. And it felt really good. I couldn’t done any of this without some help! I Had some people that helped me and I’m so grateful that they helped me! And thank you to Special Olympics Missouri for giving me the tools that I needed to be successful! Thank you to all of the participants that came each week, I really hope you enjoyed it. And a BIG thank you to all of the 6 special guest speakers, thank you for giving up some time and speak to us! 

My learning experiences: 

*timing (make sure to know what time it is)
*Keep to the schedule 
*Be confidence in yourself 
*have another device, if you are having trouble ask for  help with the spare device 
*speak clearly and just right speaking tone 
*keep an eye on your audiences 
*have fun! 
*re watch the recording of the session to see what you need to work on 
*look at the camera! 
*Login a few minutes early before the session start so you’ll know everything is working 
*make sure your prepare in everything, and make sure your guest speaker is good to go (I like to check up on the guest speaker a week before they are presenting)
*rehearsal your presentation a week before  
*Ask for people permission to take their pictures and see if you can share that picture- THAT’S REALLY IMPORTANT!