Tuesday, March 24, 2020

My feelings on the Coronavirus 3-24-20

It started on March 8, 2020, on March 11th, we got the news from SOMO headquarters that they decided to suspend all events until March 31st. SOMO headquarters will re-evaluate on that day. To be honest, it’s a really smart decision, I know there were disappointment, sadness, and confusion. I know some athletes out there don’t understand what’s going on. And that which makes me sad. I know it’s not just the athletes who are disappointed, I know the volunteers and SOMO staff is feeling this too! When I found out about this, my first thought was,  how would the athletes react? I was sad when I heard the news because I would miss the socialization part, going to practices and see the coaches and my friends. Would the other athletes  be mad, sad, disappointment or confusion or all of above. I was also worried with no socialization between each other, I know a lot of athletes enjoys that part and some enjoys the competitions. I saw on facebook, how some of my friends who are athletes in SOMO, I saw how they handled it. When I found out that SOMO was planning to do these home live videos of athlete leaders, I was overjoyed! I thought this was a perfect solution, but I wondered on how the athletes who doesn’t have social media, how would they see it? But I thought to myself...all I can do is to help the athletes who are on social media. These videos are a good way to show what SOMO means to the athletes, try new things, and get the athlete leader perceptive. My brother has been doing the live videos with me, when it was my turn, and he really enjoys helping other athletes to keep their heads up and being positive. So far, I’ve been doing, is making a smoothie, fit 5 exercises, talk about what to do when you get down/hurt and much more. Another thing that was sad was one of our state competitions (Indoor games) was canceled. This is the second state competition that was canceled. For my closing, I would like to tell my fellow athletes this: you aren’t alone, we all feel the same way you do, keep your head up, and think about positive thoughts. SOMO is STRONG!! If you were interested to see the videos i was talking about, please visit: https://somo.org/athome

Friday, March 13, 2020

First Challenge of the year (Health Messenger) 2-1-20 to 3-7-20

So I'm a little late on this post, but you know how the saying goes "Better Late Than Never!" So I held my first Step challenge for the year! Not many participants than I expected, but it happens. This step challenge started on February 1st and it last to March 7th. It was six weeks long. I had 13 participants plus me. I had three other athletes from different states that did the challenge too! In 6 weeks we all took 4,861,507 steps, woohoo! That's amazing! The following shows what the participants took in:

1st place: Pierce (590,644)
2nd place: Jesse (539,445)
3rd place: Jaime (436,284)
4th place: Shirley (413,192)
5th place: Jenni (414,624)
6th place: Lynna (410,860)
7th place: Jared (372,687)
8th place: Allen (354,111)
9th place: Leah (341,604)
10th place: James (325,437)
11th place: Amanda (269,142)
12th place: Becca (237,490)
13th place: Krista (150,625)
14th place: Jasmine (5,36)
____________Total: 4,861,507

I would like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who participated! I'm looking forward to more challenges this year! Remember "Be Healthy, Be Happy"

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Disability Rights Legislative Day 2020

Jesse and I woke up this morning up at 7:30am. Got everything ready, I was rushing around looking for my make up bag, I thought I knew it was 🤷🏻‍♀️. It’s 8:52am, and we are on the bus on our way!

It’s 11:27am, and we got to Jeff’s City!  We got on the bus and it’s 2:08pm.  What a great/beautiful day it was, saw some people and talked about what we are fighting for. Please enjoy the pics!