Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Team MO Meeting (fourth & final session) 5-19-18

*Warning, this is a long post*

When I woke up this morning, I was so excited because I was going to the last team MO meeting, so that means that the time to travel to Seattle is coming up fast, I mean FAST! I woke up at 8 am, we stopped at McDonald's to have breakfast at 9:11am. Our destination is 1 hr and 30 mins away. I'm really excited to see everyone! We arrived at 10:50am at Hickman High School in Columbia. Training session last until 11am to 4:30pm. When we arrived, we stood in line so we could check in. While we were in line, we saw our team (Athletics, some of them) saw some other team members as well, it was nice to chat with them. After we checked in, we went to the gym and wait until the rest of the team MO arrive. Some of the staff members got a few of athletes (2) and coaches, so they could show us our uniforms, and let me tell you, they are AWESOME! They announce the top 10 males: 1. Lucas Blattell 2. Aiden Petterson 3. Nick Vaughn 4. James Ross 5. Charlie Phillips 6. Jesse Hodgson 7. Harrison Schmidt 8. TJ Bray 9. Brett Harper 10. Jon and Paul Burnett (They tied) the top 10 females: 1. Lynna Hodgson 2. Jamie Rosso 3. Jessica Grammer 4. Jody Davis 5. Mary McManus 6. Rebecca Tincknell 7. Lisa Berryhill 8. Libby Waddell 9. Amanda Geno 10. Amanda Koch the coaches: Ken Petterson and Kris Clark. After all of that, we ate our lunch, they were healthy ones too :) After lunch every team went their separate ways so they can train for the rest of the time we had.

The athletics team went to the track at the school. It started to sprinkle, and I loved it, wasn't too hot and they were a few clouds in the sky, which it made more enjoyable to be outside. We all practiced our events that we will be competing in. Shaquana and Emily had to get their times in their events because they wasn't at the last time we met (a weekend ago). Both Shaquana and Emily had to leave early, so after they left, the coaches worked with the relay time (Mark, Mary, Brett and Dustin). While they were practicing, Jesse, Allison (PR Assistant) and I walked around the track. It was really nice to visit with her. When we were about to leave, the bocce team came out to practice. Coach Genice showed us the baseball field, it was really cool to see. Jesse really enjoyed it! We went back to the gym and gathered our stuff and waited for our parents to pick us up. Our mom picked us up at 4pm. TJ rode home with us. I don't know about Jesse and TJ but I was exhausted, that's a good thing, right? lol

Athletic's competing uniforms 
I had a lot of favorite moments that happened today, I can't just pick one! So let me share them: When I challenged coach Michelle (track and field coach) to see who could get more steps in on that day (I teased her when I beat her) we both had a good laugh about it ( I was already beating her) lol, When I saw all of the athletes, I've made some great NEW friends, the MOST memorable moment when Susan Shaffer (head of the delegates) talked about how I encouraged the group on facebook. That made me feel so good! We got this awesome team post card, face card and we got to take our competition shoes home. We need to break them in. OH! I almost forgot to mentioned, when we did the plank challenge, I did it for almost 2 mins!! I was the last female athlete who did the plank. There is only 42 more days until the opening ceremony!! Please enjoy the pics!!
Mary, Mark, Shaquana and I waiting in line to check in
Coach Michelle and I
My brother Jesse and I

Athletic's team
This is how the athletics's team train lol 

Athletic's competition shoes

Golf competing uniforms 

Athletes opening ceremony uniforms

Bowling competing uniforms

Coach's opening ceremony uniforms

Tennis competing uniforms

Softball competing uniforms

Doing the plank challenge (I last almost 2 mins) 

the top 10 men and women for MO points

Athletic's (guy's) competing uniforms

Golf team 

Stretching time before training 
Basketball training

Athletic's (girls) competing uniforms
Opening Ceremony uniforms

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Team MO Athletic's (Track and Field) Training 5-5-28

We met up with Mark at McDonald’s to have lunch. After lunch we were on our way to Columbia to have training with our team MO for athletics (track & field) we arrived at 1:50pm and ended at 4:25pm. We practice our events that we are participating  in. We all increased our times  since selection camp in June 2017. That was awesome to hear! Coach Kurt showed me a new way to throw a shot put. So I’m going to practice that. We were missing two other teammates that didn’t show up, they had other commitments to do. Jesse did an awesome job in his events! Mark did an awesome job too! Thank you to our parents who took us and to all of the coaches for the time!! See you all at the next team meeting! GO team MO! 

We did stretches before we started to train, we walked 50 meters, jog 50 meters, ran 100 meters, Jesse walked 100 meters, Dustin, Mary, Brett, and I practiced our running long jump, Jesse practiced the standing long jump, while Jesse practiced softball throw, Mark and I practiced shot put, Dustin practiced javelin. Then Mark, Dustin, Mary, and Brett practice the 1x400 relay, they did great job!! Brett also practiced his 800 run. That is a long way, go Brett!! I also practiced my 200 run with Mary, Dustin, and Brett! I was a little disappointed I was a little slower then I was last weekend at area competition for track and field. But I’m going still to work on it. Now I’m tired, but I’m still going to get my steps in :)