Thursday, May 11, 2017

Aquantic Swim meet 5-7-17

This year's swim meet was in independence. I went for support for my SOMO team and for the high school I went too (Oak Grove High) it was a lot of fun! But it was kind of hot in the place, but I expected that. Everyone did very well! One of my friend's Shaquana did the opening speech, she did a great job! I saw some friends, enjoyed seeing them! At the end of the tournament my dad took us to a Mexican restaurant, and let me tell you, de-lious! So we had another Special Olympics busy weekend!

Soccer Clinic 5-6-17

Well I know I'm a little late on this post, but you know the saying better late then never. Lol. My brother, some of my teammates from my Special Olympics team went to a soccer clinic on Saturday May 6. We meet up with our buddy and did some soccer drills, play shark (soccer style) had snacks  then played a couple soccer games. That was fun! It's been awhile snceni played soccer like that. We got our certificate after that. I got the most helpful and my brother jesse got the most competitive. We each got a balloon to take home, we gave ours to our little cousins. But I accidentley let my brother's balloon got away, my bad. Lol after the soccer clinic, our parents took us to lunch, Chinese, my favorite kind of food! Well that was soccer clinic, can't wait until next year. The pics are below :) I also enjoyed getting to know my buddy this year as well!