Saturday, August 26, 2017

Special Olympics Softball West Regional Tournament 08-26-17

Today I woke up at 6:30am for a softball tournament in Lee's Summit! We played our first game at 8am. We did very well, even thou we lost the game, everyone did an awesome job!! We got some runs and played very well. Our second game was at 12:20pm. We won that game, we played against Columbia sluggers, they were a very good team! We played against blue springs cats at our first game. I saw some awesome teams today! I saw some of my friends! And they did very well! I really enjoy seeing two teams showing great sportsmanship! I was very excited to play softball today! Way to go Thunder chickens!! Everyone did a great job! 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Royals Game Aug 4, 2017

My special Olympics Coach, asked her team, if there is anyone who has an interest to go to a KC Royals game on August 4, 2017. Of course my brother (Jesse) and I wanted to go. I invited my friend Shaquana to the game, (Had a extra ticket) I saw some of my softball teammates at the game as well, that was fun! TJ and hes family went, Ben & he's mom, Brett and hes family, Tony and he's mom, Thomas and he's family. I usually don't like to go to a baseball game, but it's fun when you go with people you know and you know you will have a good time, the KC Royals, didn't win the game but it was still fun! Pictures in below will confirm the FUN we had! Thank you for Special Olympics Missouri for the tickets!! The fireworks were amazing!