Friday, September 20, 2019

ALPs (athlete Leadership Programs) capstone struggles 9-20-19

So, I've been working on my capstone project practicum (homework) for ALPs (Athlete Leadership Programs), When I first started this project...which was March 10, 2019. My project was for me to produce 8 videos, these videos will educate the public what Special Olympics Missouri offers. I also was working on another practicum, I usually like to get things done, so I know that I got it done, and don't have to worry about it. But that wasn't the case this time. I was so worried about my other practicum I didn't pay any attention to my capstone project. In my  mind, I would get the practicum for the class of technology: in the studio done quickly, (but I didn't)  but I did everything I could do to reach out to the instructor. It took me a long time to face the facts. Regarding about my practicums. At the back of  my mind I thought (maybe if I give him some more time, he will respond) or (if I send him another e-mail). I was always afraid that I would be bothering him or caught him at a bad time. So, after a couple of months (I know what you are thinking) (why did I waited this long, honestly I was to ashamed in myself) I sent a email to the person who is in charge of ALPs, and explained to him what's going on, and how I'm feeling about my practicums, we decided to have a conversation over the phone, after that phone call, I felt SO much better!
If I could do all this over again what would I do? That's the question I have in my mind, and my answer that question is: 
*Ask Questions, Ask Questions (there's no stupid question)
*Take Notes
*Communicate with your mentor and to the instructors for the classes you take
*Make sure you know what you are doing
*Make sure you understand what you are doing
*It's okay to ask questions to the mentor or to the instructors
*Talk to other athletes that are in ALPs
*Don't wait for a long time to ask for help
*Make realistic goals (deadlines)
*If you are stuck, don't wait too long to ask for help

What did I learn after this experience?

*Learned to ask for help
*Communication is very important
*Learned that it's okay to have a bump on the road
*Don't wait too long to ask for help or reach out to someone
*Be specific if you don't understand something
*Talk to other athlete leaders who took the same class as you did
*It's okay to make a mistake, make sure you learn from that mistake
*Make Priorities