Monday, April 30, 2018

Special Olympics Missouri Area Spring Games 4-28-18

So on Saturday the 28th, I woke up at 7;30am. I got up that time because my brother and I had the KC Metro Track tournament. I competed in 200 meter run, running long jump and in Shot Put. In fact, I got all golds in those events! I was so proud of myself, I'm not going to lie, I was nervous doing those events, but I did awesome! My brother events was 50 meter run, 100 meter walk and Standing Long Jump, he got 2 golds and 1 silver. He did very well. It was a long day, but we both enjoyed it! At the opening ceremony, team MO (who are in the KC Metro) got to run the torch run before the events started! That was pretty awesome, because everyone cheered us on. After the torch run, they announced the outstanding athlete and the outstanding coach, my teammate got the outstanding athlete, and I was SO happy for her! She also said the athlete oath before the games start. And the outstanding coach, was my coach. Well deserved awards to awesome individuals. I did pretty well in my events, I'm shocked I did that well. The thing I remember is when I did the run 200 meter, everyone cheered, and that was amazing feeling! I also saw some of my friends there as well, and some coaches This year they had something new, it was called Special Smiles, my brother and I did it, and I'm glad we participated. We got a bag full of teeth cleaning tools. When the day was ending for the events, they had one event, that was the relays. We didn't stay to watch that, we were all tired. But it was a good day! And I was so glad to see our family friend there to watch some of our events. And now we are going to state in the first weekend in June. State here we come!! Enjoy the pics at the below! Thank you to my mom for taking us and being the biggest fan of ours!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Team MO training meeting (third session) 3-30-18 to 3-31-18

Everyone on Team MO 2018

This past weekend, I traveled with my brother Jesse, my friend TJ and the rest of Team MO to Mexico Missouri. We had our third training session. At this session, we tried our uniforms on, trained, learn about social network safety, & healthy snacking. On Friday afternoon, we met up with TJ and his stepdad, and traveled to Mexico Missouri and went straight to the hotel where we would be staying the night. We signed in and got our room keys and right away tried on our uniforms. I was really glad because when I tried on one of my t shirts, it was too big!! After we tried on things, I went to my room and got everything situated. We waited for the rest of the team to arrive, surely everyone showed up. But the athletes who was are from the southwest was  a little late to arrive, but they did, and i'm glad they did! For dinner, some teams ordered pizza from pizza hut. While we ate dinner, some people was still having problems with their movbands, and (Jessica's Mom) was there to help, and one of the staff member, who is in charge of the social media and taking pics, asked me to say the athlete's oath in front of the video camera. So that was fun! I'm excited to see it soon! Then after we all socialized with other people, I decided to go to bed. Put unfortunately I stayed up a little longer and talked to my roommate (Shaquana) our other roommate was out like a light bulb (Emily) But I was the first one up in the morning!

On Saturday morning, I woke up at 5:30am. I could've slept in a little bit more, but I was too excited. So I got ready and wait until 6:15am came along and ate breakfast, then got everything ready to go to MMA (where Special Olympics Missouri Sports Camp is Held). Once we got there, everyone went to the gym and the SOMO staff welcomed us and told us the schedule and went to our stations. Three teams were in the same group. Example softball, athletics and powerlifting was in one group. At the stations we learned how to make healthy snacks, how to be safe on social networks, tried on uniforms, took team pics. After lunch we had fundraising updates. At the same time of the funraising updates they also announced the top 10 females and the top 10 of  males who got the most MO points. I was the number 1 who got the most MO points,  Another athlete (Jessica who is a swimmer) we did a challenge between us to see who get the most MO points until the next team meeting, which is in May. I couldn't believe it! Jesse was number 5! At this time around there was a lot of people who reached their goals, and that was fantastic! and we all went to our team training for two hours. I thought it would be cold outside, but it wasn't. I was so glad it wasn't. The only thing we didn't practice on was standing and running long jump. Other than that we practiced on everything else. At 3pm, everyone was packing up and went to their ways until the next team meeting in May! Enjoy the pics my coach took and the pics I found on Facebook
Bowling team 

Power Lifting team

Athletics team 
The top 10 of males & females who got the most MO points

Bocce team

Swimming team 

Tennis team 

Golf team 

Basketball team 
Softball team