Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Kansas City Area Metro Polar Plunge 1-25-20

$250 Goosebumps Level: 

$500 Chilly Level: 

$1,000 Frosty Level: 

$2,000 Arctic Level (Plus one of each of the other prizes) : 

So today is the day I get in the COLD water! This morning my alarm went off at 8am. Got everything ready, made smoothies for my brother and I. It’s 9:59am, and we are almost to Longview lake. I’m going to say the athletes oath and my brother Jesse is going to run in with a police officer with a torch. WOW what a day! Let me tell you, the water was COLD! It took awhile to feel my legs and feet again! I saw two teammate there, saw couple of my friends and a couple of coaches and some SOMO staff..it’s always nice to see people you know and recognize. I was in heat 22. Before the plunge started, there was a costume contest. I was in the individual one. I got 1st place! After the contest I got ready for the plunge. The heats went very fast! With the fundraising I did, I raised $1,295!! I think that’s pretty awesome! With that, I earned a incentive which is called “frosted level” and I got a very nice vest! Before you see the pictures, I want to SAY A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who supported and donated to me, and a very BIG thank you to the Law Enforcement! I can’t thank you enough! When I say this, I know myself and the rest of the Kansas City Special Olympics Missouri really appreciates to everyone who supports this event, so thank you SO very much!! 

Me getting out of the COLD water! 

Strolling to the cold water lol

Little more speed to the cold water 

Allen Tobin! Polar plunge ambassador 

My golden plunge I got

Two polar plunge ambassadors and my brother, left to right: Allen Tobin, Drew Thompson and Jesse 

My friend Drew and I 

This is how much money I raised!! 

Love this vest!

Longview lake 

Sweatshirt I got from my dad from the souvenir shop 

Kansas City Polar Plunge raised $250,078 (still counting)!!!!!

Belton special olympics cheerleaders 

Things to remember:

~make sure you pack in advance 
~bring extra clothing (After the plunge)
~bring a towel (make sure you don’t forget it, like I did!!!)
~make sure you bring hand warmers!!
~a camera or video camera 
~make sure you send a thank you card or email to your supporters who donated to you, it’s a very nice touch! (I like to do this, it let the donors know how much you really appreciate that you donated to you)
~bring warm clothes!!
~money (souvenir store is there to buy SOMO polar plunge gifts! 

Today I asked some questions to two polar plunge ambassadors for the Kansas City area, and here are there questions and their answers, and the first one up is.....Allen Tobin: 

1. How many years have you plunged for Special Olympics Missouri? 

AT: I have done the plunge 3 times but now I help with set up & doing what ever is asked of me to help with as you already know I am willing to do anything I can to help give back to Special Olympics they have done so much for me I will never be able to give back everything they done for me.

2. What do you feel when you see how many people doing the polar plunge? 

AT: I am excited & I have a lot of gratitude to everyone that plunges or volunteers for everything they do to help all of the athletes it means a lot. 

3. Do you have any suggestions for the plungers, who are thinking about doing the Polar plunge in the future?

AT: Start fundraising as soon as possible and do cold weather training.

4. I heard you are a polar plunge ambassador, what exactly is your role for that? 

AT: Polar Bear Plunge Ambassador is a athlete that is there to help support the committee and to help do whatever they need to do go and talk to somebody try to fundraising work at the plunge do the plunge if they want to as you already know people will gladly do more and listen to a lot more and donate more if they can see an athlete see the face of an athlete that the money and your time will benefit and people do a lot more for the athletes and they would for somebody else like a staff member or coach they will listen to him a lot more cuz they also you don't give him another story and tell him how it benefits what they're doing or what the money is doing donate it there donating benefits Earl basically all I'm fundraising help set up and tear down which I do anyway the setup and teardown part and whatever they needed done. 

5. If you could say anything to the plungers, what would that be?

AT:  What I would say to the plungers would be thank you for your time, your support, your donations and thank you for everything because it helps with a every day, today funding will let us go get new equipment, new uniforms, paying for facility used to practice and compete in. 

Thank you Allen for your time, next up is Drew Thompson!

1.What did you think about doing the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics Missouri for your first time? 

DT: I was nervous about getting into the freezing water. 

2. Are you planning to take the polar plunge again?

DT: I think I will take the plunge again, someday. 

3. Do you have any suggestions for the plungers, who are thinking about doing the Polar plunge in the future?

DT: Prepare yourself for the cold water. 

4. I heard you are a polar plunge ambassador, what exactly is your role for that?

DT: I help tell other people about the plunge and help volunteer for set up and tear down of the tents and other places.

Thank you Drew for your time!

If you would like to know more or want to join in the fun..please visit : https://somo.org/plunge