Saturday, September 16, 2017

First meeting of Team MO for the USA Games 2018


Today Jesse and I went to Jefferson City to have a meeting for Team MO for the Special Olympics USA Games 2018! We got told some great information. We learned the MO chant. We also got to know which events we will be doing at the USA games. And we also got to know which exercising we should be doing. Can't wait for the next meeting which is in December. "Show me Show me Show me, MO MO MO"

Special Olympics Missouri Track & Field Team

Special Olympics Missouri Swimming Team

Special Olympics Missouri Softball Team

Special Olympics Missouri Power Lifting Team

Special Olympics Missouri Golf Team

Special Olympics Missouri Bocce Team

Special Olympics Missouri Basketball Team

Special Olympics  Missouri Bowling Team

Friday, September 8, 2017

Royals clinic 9-8-17

This is our (my brother Jesse & I)  second year to participate in KC Royals Clinic. Special Olympics Kansas and Special Olympics Missouri athletes come and scrimmage with some royals players, get autographs and pics done with the KC Royal players. I love when I see the smiling faces on the athletes when the KC Royal players come and greet us and play with us. My brother really enjoyed it, he is a 100%  KC Royals fan!! Can't wait for next year! Below you will see some pic my dad & I took.

Bocce area tournament 9-10-17

Today my brother and I had our first bocce tournament!! And we love it! The weather wasn't too bad either. There were a lot of people, I didn't realize how many people they would be. Bocce is like bowling but except on grass. I saw a lot of friends there, so that was comforting. At the end of the day, I got GOLD and my brother got BRONZE!! Whoohoo! Everyone did a GREAT job! I wasn't expecting to take a gold home! So I was surprise at that! We already decided we are going to do bocce next year and with unfied partners too! It was a great day!